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TaxiCab News is the Independent journal of the London cab trade.

It is the newspaper of the London taxi driver and is non affiliated to any other business,
union or trade organisation.

We publish important, current news stories that are of interest and affect the lives of the
London taxi cab driver.

Conceived and established in 2004 by a working London taxi driver, the newspaper has a
specialist editorial, design and sales team who have many years of involvement and
knowledge within the London cab trade.

The newpaper is published fortnightly and distributed throughout London via collection
centres at major mainline railway stations, fuel filling stations, resting places, service/repair garages and at The London City and Heathrow Airports.

Our aim is to cover and promote the most up to date news that is of interest to the trade
with positive, independent and unbiased news reporting.

You can email to our office articles that you consider important or that could be of interest
to the London taxi trade?

All readers letters and additional contributions will be published at the discretion of the newspaper Editor.